Heggies Pizza Fundraiser

NOTE: This fundraiser has ended, but we will launch a new campaign when Summer Camp 2023 registration is live!!

Scott County Young Life has fundraised over $21,000​ for camp by selling pizzas. Simply take a Heggie’s Packet, follow instructions, and start selling.

We typically offer 2 rounds of pizza sales. Campers are welcome to sell pizza multiple times. If you need a 3rd selling option, please reach out to Max Moser at ylscottcounty@gmail.com.

Don't miss this easy opportunity to fundraise!!


Lakefront Music Festival

SCYL campers and supporters earned over $8,000 for the 2022 summer camping season!!!

Parents and students alike had a great time serving at this event that has been a lucrative fundraising opportunity over the years. Each shift​ earns campers money to offset camping fees as well as FREE TICKETS​ to the show! Some campers even had multiple family members helping out this year which paid for nearly HALF of their trip!​ LET'S GO!

This fundraiser will be mandatory for YL campers in 2023. WL campers are encouraged to help!



If your camper is in need of a scholarship for camp and you are unable to raise funds through the methods above, contact Max Moser for scholarship information.

Need more info?

Contact our Area Director, Max Moser!
Phone: (803)719-0558
Email: ylscottcounty@gmail.com
Office: 6201 W 135th St, Savage, MN 55378

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